LEGO Titanic 10294 Set: Where Can You Buy It?

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The LEGO Titanic, part of the LEGO Icons collection, is one of the largest and most astounding sets LEGO has to offer.

The massive set is based on the real Titanic’s layout, and it comes at a scale of 1:200. The dining rooms, grand staircases, boiler rooms, cabins, and even swimming pool are all included in this remarkable remake of the historic ship.

This LEGO set is sure to keep your hands busy, boasting a total of 9,090 pieces. From end to end, the 10294 Titanic set measures at exactly 4.5 feet long, and it has a height of about 1.5 feet.

Due to the immense popularity of this one-of-a-kind set, LEGO’s website, along with some popular retailers, have had trouble keeping the item in stock. We are here to help you find which places still offer this LEGO set so that you don’t miss out!

Here are some of the places you can buy the LEGO Titanic 10294 set:


Most recent price: $925


Most recent price: $719

eBay – Multiple Options

Most recent price: $700-900 range (Prices vary)

If you do get your hands on one of these highly desired sets, consider buying a quality case to showcase the LEGO Titanic 10294 set and make it the masterpiece of your collection!

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